JUST ANNOUNCED: Webinar on SCOTUS TCPA Review and post-Barr TCPAWorld–Everything You Need to Know Right Now!

Well folks, the news just broke a few minutes ago that Facebook’s critical petition seeking Supreme Court review of the TCPA’s ATDS definition was GRANTED.

This means that the TCPA will be reviewed a second time by SCOTUS–this time to determine whether the statute applies to all automated calls or only to random-fired calls.

The stakes have truly never been higher for the statute.

There is just a ton to take stock of right now with TWO big SCOTUS reviews, recent FCC rulings and a pile of district court decisions. TCPAWorld.com always helps you keep up but every once in a while we need to pause and bring everything together.

Well the good folks at DNC.com had already asked me for a second webinar breaking down the last SCOTUS review–the big ruling Barr v. AAPC– as people had DOZENS of questions following our last webinar.Sorry we couldn’t get to everyone.

So mark your calendars folks. Next Tuesday, July 14, 2020, at 9:30 am pacific we will be breaking down everything YOU need to know about the SCOTUS Review, the Barr ruling and the IMPACT of the TCPA on your business–now and in the future.

The last webinar sold out and space is limited–we went well over 1,000 registrants and this one will surely be bigger–so


If you have questions you want answered feel free to email me, leave a comment, or reach out to the good folks at dnc.com. Those guys are pros.

I’ll be joined by the Archduke and Queenie. This will be a blast folks.


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