HERE’S THE SCHEDULE: When will the BIG TCPA ATDS SCOTUS Review in Facebook Come Out? The Timetable is Right Here.

All right so it has only been a couple hours since the HUGE news that the Supreme Court is accepting the Facebook petition and will be reviewing the TCPA’s ATDS definition and I have already fielded about 10,000 questions. (Love you too TCPAWorld.)

The thing folks most seem to want to know is the timetable for the ruling. Well here you go.

The review in Facebook v. Duguid will be part of the Supreme Court’s October, 2020 term.

  • Facebook’s Opening Brief will be due ~August 14, 2020.
  • Amicus support–hint hint–will be due ~ August 21, 2020.
  • Argument will likely be set in January, 2021 (but it hasn’t been set yet so we don’t know)
  • Ruling is likely for May, 2021 (but again we don’t know that for sure yet either.)

Special thanks to the Squire Patton Boggs Appellate and Supreme Court team for running this timetable down for me so quickly. (BTW- remember when Squire’s Ben Beaton was dead on about the result in Barr? That guy knows his stuff.)

Get those motions to stay filed folks. If you have questions give me a call. (Everyone else is–ha.)

And please move in a quick and orderly manner to register for the big webinar next Tuesday. No pushing or shoving. Thanks friends.