BREAKING: TCPAWorld Team Smashes CBA Live Presentation– Kingmaker In Attendance

Well that was a ton of fun.

For those of you who just missed the LIVE event, the Czarina and the Kingmaker–Capital One’s own Jeremy Gladstone– joined me at a huge and critical CBA live presentation today breaking down the TCPA’s ATDS split, the carrier’s new default call blocking rules and all the alternative contact channel rules you were wondering about.

This thing was so BIG I cut my vacation short to attend.

Here’s a shot:

I hear the webinar will be available to attendees shortly but if you want access give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do.

CBA Live is a great event. Huge attendance this year (over 1,700 folks!) and I’m always honored to be THE TCPA voice at THE banking conference of the year.

Fun. Fun. Fun. Knowledge.


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