Huge CBA Live TCPA Presentation Now Available: TCPAWorld Given Permission to Share This Critical Content With Its Readers

Well as I teased a couple weeks ago, the Czarina and I teamed up with Capital One’s Kingmaker–TCPA SME Jeremy Gladstone–to break down all the huge TCPA developments exclusively for CBA members at the big CBA Live Virtual Event (1,700 attendees BTW– big big event.)

We broke down the biggest news on the TCPA front, including the big Facebook appeal but also looked at alternative contact strategies– texts, push notifications, etc.- and analyzed the carrier’s new default call blocking rules and analyzed strategies for making sure YOUR calls get connected in the new TCPAWorld order.

Well this was such a big deal that CBA agreed to allow my to offer this content to all readers FREE OF CHARGE, even if they did not register and attend the event! How about that?

Just one more perk of being a faithful reader. You’re welcome!

To view this critical TCPA presentation click on the picture below. Enjoy:



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