TCPA Quick Hitter: Yes, Debt Collectors Can Call Still Call Numbers Supplied to Creditors as Part of Underlying Transaction

Really quick one for you.

TCPAWorld is so topsy turvey that it is good to level set and remind ourselves of some basics once in a while.

Here’s some bedrock—debt collectors can call numbers supplied by the consumer to an original creditor as part of a credit transaction. The consent flows “downhill” in that instance, automatically. That’s been the case since 2009, but here’s a ruling from yesterday that says it again: Amadasun v. DataSearch, Inc., Civil Action No. SA-19-CV-01130-XR, 2020 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 184697 (W.D. Tx. October 6, 2020).

Things can get dicey where the consumer switches number or the collector doesn’t have access to the original data supplied to the creditor. Call me if that comes up in your case.


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