Power Lawyers: Squire’s Consumer Privacy Team Continues to Churn Out Must Read Content

You all know and love Squire Patton Boggs’ incredible TCPA team and its vaunted FCC resources, but the Consumer Privacy World team is really generating a ton of attention right now as well. And for good reason.

When a bunch of brilliant financial services litigators team up with one of the best privacy teams in the nation to create a fast moving consumer privacy resource, the results were sure to be magic. And the early returns on consumerprivacyworld.com are simply off the charts.

Probably the most critical recent article is Kristin Bryan’s fantastic breakdown of the CFPB’s huge new rulemaking implementing the FDCPA. I covered the story from a text outreach angle last week, but Kristin dives deep and really give you everything you need to know in her story–found here. This one is a must read for all the collectors out there–and I know there’s a bunch of you following TCPAWorld.com.

Kristin also teamed up with the Firm’s Glenn Brown to analyze the privacy impacts of using facial recognition to trace COVID-19 contacts and slow the spread of the virus in an article everyone seems to be talking about right now:

“Tracking COVID-19 With Geolocation And Facial Recognition: Logistics And Concerns” (pages 14-15)  https://www.squirepattonboggs.com/en/insights/publications/2020/10/tracking-covid-19-with-geolocation-and-facial-recognition-logistics-and-concerns

Naturally broader issues around cybersecurity and privacy in the age of COVID continue to dominate the consumer privacy landscape more generally, and our privacy dynamos provide some tips and tricks on the subject here:

“Cybersecurity And Privacy Issues In The Time Of COVID-19” (pages 1, 17-20) https://www.squirepattonboggs.com/en/insights/publications/2020/10/cybersecurity-and-privacy-issues-in-the-time-of-covid-19

I wanted to pass these items along to TCPAWorld.com readers given their pertinence.  Chat soon.


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