Election 2020 Alert: TCPA World Hangs in the Balance—Here is Everything YOU Need to Know About How the (Uncertain) Outcome of the Election Impacts Your Outreach Efforts Moving into 2021

Well the results are in, the tabulations are complete and its official– this is TCPAWorld.com’s most read article ever. (Thanks hackers.)

While I know that’s the news you were really waiting for, there is also the results of the U.S. election that some of you are probably interested in. (The nice thing about being a Czar is that you never have to run for re-election. Ha.)

While we do not yet know the results of the presidency, one thing is sure—the fate of the TCPA World hangs in the balance. That’s why the Archduke and I have agreed to join DNC.com for an exclusive look at the outcome (if you can call it that) of the big U.S. Election and the impact that the results will have on the TCPA, the TSR, and FCC and FTC enforcement proceedings moving into the coming year.

Tune in next Tuesday—November 10, 2020 at 10 a.m. pacific time—as we break down the impact of the election on the TCPA and regulatory environment impacting YOUR outreach efforts.

As always this is a totally FREE event thanks to DNC.com and its awesome sponsors.

Fair warning, last time we did one of these we quickly went over the 1,000 max attendees and I had a bunch of people emailing me afterward.

So if you are at all interested–and why wouldn’t you be??–sign up now. I mean like literally right now. Here’s the website to register:


As the nation hangs in suspense, this is an absolute MUST ATTEND webinar that you need.  With the lingering uncertainty of these “results” now is a crucial time to look at what the future may hold as we move into 2021. What will be the effect of a Biden victory on the makeup of the FCC? Will the Supreme Court be more or less likely to narrow the TCPA with a GOP Congress? How might carrier call blocking rules be impacted by a Democratic Senate? If Trump maintains the Presidency and the Senate do we expect a change of focus at the FTC?

We’ll give you everything you need to know to make the critical Q4 decisions in light of current political realities that will set your operation up for success in 2021 and help you avoid the pitfalls of the challenging regulatory environment.

See you next week folks.


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