THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING: Biden/Harris Win– Impact on TCPA World Will be Profound

Well folks, its over. We can all breathe again.

Whether you are sighing in relief, sighing in remorse– or just sighing because everyone gets so worked up about this stuff– we have a new president and an entirely RADICALLY new regulatory landscape to look forward to next year.

Just a reminder of the HUGE HUGE HUGE MUST WATCH webinar coming to you next Tuesday November 10, 2020. We’ll be breaking down everything you need to know about what this massive shift means to YOU and what you can expect on all things TCPA, TSR, FTC, FCC, call blocking, etc.

If the nation’s telecommunications laws matter to you, you have to tune in this Tuesday at 10 am pacific time.

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  1. As a lawyer, you should know better.
    The networks do not declare the winner.
    The electoral college does and the congress must approve.

  2. No very lawyerly. This election is full of credible fraudulent allegations. They need to be investigated to preserve the integrity of our electoral system.

  3. This is interesting. Attorneys are becoming ethical again. Suddenly, after the presidential election, ethics is no longer arbitrary. (I guess 30% of TCPA cases which in my opinion border on fraud if not out right fraud will be dropped. That is good news.)
    The bad news, not everyone deserves representation. I thought that was a pillar of our justice system. From the very founding of our country, John Adams set the precedent by defending British soldiers involved in the Boston Massacre. Highly unpopular at the time. But since then, attorneys have agreed that even the genocidal criminal Hitler would have deserved a defense. Apparently, these standards no longer apply to President Donald Trump. What does this say about our legal system?

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