More GREAT Post-Election Regulatory Coverage: Webinar Now Available Plus CUTTING EDGE Privacy Assessment

Well folks the developments are coming in hot and heavy.

We know Biden looks to be tapping Leandra English to lead Biden’s transition review team for the CFPB. As the Hill reports this is: “a move likely to please progressives and advocates for tougher financial rules. ”

These are exactly the sorts of appointments TCPAWorld needs to be focused on as the new administration (likely) takes over moving into January, 2021. I broke down all of the critical regulatory pieces rolling around during this topsy turvy transition period in the MASSIVE webinar earlier this week which is NOW AVAILABLE right here:

Meanwhile the folks at have provided the DEFINITIVE assessment of the new administration may mean for data privacy regs and litigation. This is an incredible piece and you absolutely must read it. Here’s a taste:

Will a Biden Administration be interested in pursuing privacy legislation?

It is anticipated that the Biden Administration will likely see pursuing privacy legislation as a high priority.  This is consistent with Vice President-elect Kamala Harris’ track record and interest in privacy-related topics during her career as California Attorney General and US Senator.

As Attorney General, Harris was very active in the privacy space.  During her tenure, privacy issues related to the rise of mobile devices were of particular concern.  In January 2013, her office issued a report (Privacy on the Go: Recommendations for the Mobile Ecosystem) and pushed tech giants to agree to certain principles to provide creative and forward-looking solutions that give consumers greater transparency and control (Joint Statement on Principles).  It was also during Harris’ tenure that the Privacy Enforcement and Protection Unit of the California Attorney General’s Office was created to enforce laws related to cyber privacy, identity theft and data breaches.  That office is currently responsible for enforcement of the California Consumer Privacy Act.  Additionally, in 2015, Harris also secured settlements with several large companies related to their privacy practices.  Notably, one of these settlements required the company at issue to hire a Chief Privacy Officer, the first time such a provision has been included in a settlement with the California Department of Justice.

This is insightful stuff folks. You have to check it out.

Just visit for more. Its just like tcpaworld– No Gimmicks. No Sign ups required. No barriers to content. Just free incredibly helpful information that YOU need during this critical timeframe.

So happy to be at a firm that can keep up with developments and break these things down from a 360 degree perspective. More to come. Stay tuned.



  1. The election is not over. Biden has not been declared the winner. This is pure speculation at this point. If you do think Biden won, then you need to sign up for the because I am sure that the trial lawyers will be quite influential to expand the TCPA.

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