Big TCPA News: Biden Announces FCC Transition Team that Includes Former Commissioner Clyburn

As reported in our big webinar last week, the members of the Biden-Harris transition team may tell us a lot about what the future of the TCPAWorld might look like—especially when it comes to the makeup of the FCC.

Well the key members of the team were just announced today and one name is especially worth taking note of—Mignon Clyburn, who was a Commissioner during the Wheeler era and supported the 2015 TCPA Omnibus ruling.

The team is led by John Williams who is senior counselor for the House Judiciary Committee. Also on the team is Smitty Smith, a former FCC and NTIA staffer and Paul de Sa, a former FCC official and analyst, now at Quadra Partners.

We’ll keep an eye on how things develop and stay on the lookout for appointments of interest in this space as we head toward a new administration (probably).

More to come.


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