An Incredible HONOR: TCPAWorld’s Own Ben Beaton Confirmed By US Senate as Federal District Court Judge for the Western District of Kentucky

You know Ben Beaton as Co-Chair of Squire’s mighty Appellate and Supreme Court Team and a critical contributor who helps us break down the biggest TCPA appellate news.

Well, you’re soon to know him by a new name–

Your Honor.

I am honored and humbled to share the news that Ben has been confirmed by the US Senate and will soon be joining the federal bench as a US District Court Judge for the Western District of Kentucky.  What an incredible and well-deserved honor!

It was an absolute privilege to have worked with Ben– the guy is a simply brilliant legal mind and (in my opinion) will make a profound addition to the federal bench.

I mean, just look at his background. He’s a Columbia law grad who clerked on the US Supreme Court for Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg AND the US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit for Judge A. Raymond Randolph.

Talk about a one-two punch.

As Squire’s litigation practice leader John Burlingame perfectly summarized matters today: “SPB’s loss is the judiciary’s and, quite frankly, our nation’s gain.”

Here here.

With Ben “moving on up” Squire has named Keith Bradley as a new co-Chair of the Appellate Court practice. Like Ben, Keith also clerked for the late Justice Ginsburg and has a remarkable resume of his own. That’s some serious bench strength.

TCPAWorld faithful may already know Keith as the author of an important amcius brief in the pending Facebook appeal and a contributor on We’ll look to round him up to help with critical TCPA appellate issues in the wake of Ben’s departure.

It is simply incredible to have the opportunity to work alongside brilliant legal minds like these every day here at Squire. My appreciation for these folks never grows dull. It really is a great day for our nation that a talented and experienced guy like Ben will soon be deciding important federal cases in the near future.

On behalf of the whole TCPAWorld, we wish you the best Ben. Godspeed and good luck!


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