GET READY- ONE WEEK TO GO!: Announces Huge Game-Day Coverage of the Facebook SCOTUS TCPA ATDS Oral Argument

Who doesn’t love game day coverage? The wonky analysis. The colorful larger-than-life characterizations. The off-the-wall predictions and prognostications. Always a great time and often essential for those who really want to understand what is happening on the field.

Well is here for it and with just a week to go before the huge ORAL ARGUMENT in the Facebook SCOTUS TCPA ATDS appeal we are happy to announce our line up of Supreme Court TCPA coverage.

First, and as you’d expect–we’ll be live blogging the oral argument with multiple analysis feeds– just as we did with the AAPC oral argument. The Archduke and I (and perhaps some other team members) will have separate feeds so there will be plenty of uncensored real-time content to digest. Enjoy.

Then, we’ll be teaming up with and Contact Center Compliance to bring you a game-day webinar breaking down everything we heard at the big dance. That’s right– fresh DAY OF takes and analysis from Squire Patton Boggs’ renowned TCPA defense lawyers are yours for the having–totally for FREE. PLUS, Keith Bradley– former law clerk to the late Justice Ginsburg and new co-head of Squire’s POWERFUL Supreme Court and Appellate team— has agreed to join us with his knowledgeable insights.

What did we think of the argument? Who has the better side of things? What did we make of the Justices’ questions? Which way is this going to come out? Is a middle ground possible?

You’ll find out all of our thoughts the very same day the oral argument takes place.  What a blast! You cannot miss it.

To top it all off, we’ll be recording another HUGE podcast next week with a great (secret) guest that will really knock your socks off. Our team will reconvene and give you the practical take aways you need following the winner-take-all rumble. HUGE HUGE HUGE.

And make no mistake, there is going to be a ton to break down here. It is going to be quite the event. We know that Facebook is going to tag team with the Solicitor General’s office of the United States to offer a double whammy oral argument– both Facebook and the U.S. Government were awarded separate argument time slots. (See Facebook’s motion to divide time here:

So its going to be a 2 on 1 battle. But arguing in plaintiff’s corner is a guy that can handle the pressure–the Bryan Garner himself will be stepping into the ring to personally try to convince the Court’s nine justices to read the TCPA broadly and in accord with synesis rather than syntax. 

The stakes could not be higher here folks. Either the TCPA will be read narrowly by the Supremes and the statute’s ATDS provision will essentially be rendered obsolete, or the TCPA will live on as an unending thorn in the side of all legitimate American business. We should know much MUCH more about the statute’s chances this time next week.

And where can you find all this great content? The live feeds and podcast will be found right here on YOUR favorite legal blog of course,

And the awesome game-day breakdown can be accessed COMPLETELY FOR FREE on December 8, 2020 at 1:00 pm pacific, right here:

Reserve your spot now


See you next week folks.


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