ALWAYS WINNING: Squire’s Financial Services Team Becomes Even More Powerful With Addition of Banking Law Heavyweight

As we all prepare ourselves for huge game day coverage tomorrow–what a lineup we have, my goodness–I wanted to take a moment to share a little more good news.

Many of you know that–while my position as Czar of TCPAWorld transcends any one industry group– the financial services sector holds a special place in my kingly heart because I cut my TCPA teeth serving as counsel for some of the biggest banks in the nation. Indeed my formative TCPA years were spent defending hundreds of suits for major banks and finance companies and helping these complex organizations build enterprise-wide (and sometimes business-line specific) compliance processes, policies and outreach systems.

This experience lives alongside Squire’s vaunted financial services practice which serves the needs of industry participants– from the boardroom to the courtroom. Indeed, Squire’s recognized POWER in the financial services space is one of the major reasons I agreed to come on board.

Adding to that cache, Squire just added Derrick Cephas– practice group head at Weil, Gotschal, and Manges and a “banking heavyweight” according to Bloomberg Law– to its already impressive banking bench.

Oh, and did I mention Derrick was CEO of Amalgamated Bank for a while? No biggie.

Anyway, Derrick has just joined Squire’s New York office and his addition to the firm has (very appropriately) made headlines in legal rags across the nation.

While serves the needs of the entire business community–we’re multi-vertical around here–and not just financial institutions, I figured I’d do a quick shout out to our friends in the banking industry to make sure you’d heard the HUGE news. We are super excited to have Derrick on board and we know he’s going to do (even more) great things.

But really, really– don’t miss tomorrow’s SCOTUS coverage folks.

Chat soon.



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