What’s Up With That? T-Mobile Announces it Will No Longer Allow Debt Collection Text Messages To Reach its Network Users—Let’s Discuss

In case you haven’t heard, T-Mobile recently announced that it would not allow debt collection text messages to reach its network users. This decision appears to be in tension with a recent CFPB ruling authorizing texts for debt collection purposes. 

So what’s a collector to do?

Join the Czar along with a panel of really bright industry experts this Friday, February 26, 2021 as we discuss the legal underpinnings for T-Mobile’s move and what the ARM, servicing and collection industries can do in light of this decision (and potential similar moves by other carriers.)

We’ll probably touch on 10DLC just for fun. (But a bigger webinar on this piece is in the works.)

If you’re in the business of getting paid back for stuff—and who isn’t—you cannot miss this one.

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