WOW!: Launches Facebook Resource Page and Audio Format Blogs

Yeah, I know… we’re awesome.

As we constantly aim to improve your experience with–and your easy access to all things TCPA–we sometimes deploy new channels and resource pages.

Well today is your lucky day TCPAWorld.

First, you’ve probably noticed we’ve been adding some spotify links to recent posts. We’ve decided to pilot audio format blogs by way of spotify podcasts. Essentially the blog posts will be converted into audio books by way of a slick robot and available for you to listen to on the go, without having to stare at your screen.

Pretty sweet huh?

To access the podcast click the new “TCPA TODAY” link in the home menu. Here’s a little help:

I am flirting with the idea of recording daily one-minute long podcasts breaking down the key TCPA stories each day as well. But since that’s a lot of work I will only agree to do it if TCPA TODAY has over 200 subscribers. Until then, its Alexa-style audio books for all of you!

But seriously, let me know how you like the audiobook format and follow, follow, follow. And tell your friends. Just like TCPAWorld we won’t blast you with ads or spam. No muss. No fuss. TCPA Today is just awesome TCPA blogs read to you by a soothing robot.

Second–and maybe more importantly–we have launched a Facebook decision resource page!

While other firms are–rather comically–just now getting out their Facebook analysis, has already put together a vast array of analysis on the decision and its impact. I figured I would compile all of that for you on a single resource page.

Also, you’ve probably noticed that the old ATDS Review page is gone. For good reason, Facebook turned all that caselaw on its head and I wouldn’t recommend relying on any of it. Instead TCPAWorld will be tracking all district court ATDS rulings post-Facebook on the Facebook Resource Page.

Yeah, I know. You’re welcome.

Anyway here’s how to access the page:

Enjoy folks.

And no, I don’t ever get tired of receiving your praise and gratitude so–keep it coming 😉

Happy weekend TCPAWorld!


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