HERE THEY ARE: The Most Helpful TCPA Graphics Ever (You’re Welcome!)

Ok, so a bunch of you have been asking for the handy flow charts we’ve been using during the Masterclasses.

I’ll provide them to you but you have to PROMISE to tell at least one person about this week. 


Ok cool.

Here you go:

Informational calls

Marketing calls

Not legal advice. Consult a lawyer before deploying any new outreach strategy.

Yes, I know I’m awesome.

Love you too TCPAWorld. See you on the road soon.



  1. Any regulation should be easy to follow. But lawyers have to make work for themselves. That is why all businesses need a good lawyer and tcpa protection. The latter is cheaper than the former.

  2. Thanks Eric, very useful…for defendants, as well as plaintiffs. And yes, you are awesome, which prompts me to ask – are you single? Inquiring minds would like to know.

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