BIG TUESDAY: May 11, 2021 Will Be Another Red Letter TCPAWorld Date–TWO Big Speaking Gigs on One HUGE Day of TCPA Fun

You know how most lawyers speak once or twice a year and think they’ve invested quite a bit?

Well I’ll be speaking twice at two separate events, in one day next week. You’re invited to attend!

But first, for those of you who missed TODAY– we had the third in our ACCLAIMED masterclass series on express consent and it was another incredible time. Queenie took the lead on this one and man is she bright. She’s learned a ton since working with me and it really showed today. One of the few folks on the planet that people would rather hear from on TCPA than me. 😉

She gave some really important tips on vendor intake and monitoring and lots of really critical take aways for lead buyers and sellers. If you missed it… you really did miss out.

The location for the MUST ATTEND event of the year–its a multi-day TCPA rager!

But don’t worry because we’ll have another Masterclass next month… and it all leads to the most important TCPA SUMMIT EVER–this December, 2021 in St. Petes. SIGN UP NOW.

Anyway that was all off topic.

Next Tuesday I’ll be speaking on two more big must-attend events.

First, at 10:00 a.m. pacific I’ll be joining a great panel for to discuss TCPA post-Facebook. I know a lot of you have already heard my views on this critical topic but maybe I’ve changed my mind! (Spoiler alert: I haven’t.) But in seriousness, we’ll have another great discussion built around what Facebook means–and doesn’t mean–for folks. I know you still have questions. And I still have answers. REGISTER HERE.

Then at 12:30 pacific I’ll be joining another panel as part of PACE’s awesome Washington Summit. PACE is a great organization–I’m a big fan–and its cool to be joining a panel for PACE for the first (or is this my second?) time. Will be another fantastic show. Dreaming up some new BIG stuff to show off. You know how I do. Register here. 

BTW–buzz is really building for the big July Compliance Jubilee (probably not what it will be called) in Vegas. We added another awesome speaker–I’ll give you a hint, her name sounds like mine but it has an “a” at the end.

More to come.


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