BOOK IT: I’ll be at Great IN PERSON Events June, July, August and September–Be There With ME

Editor’s note: the Masterclass is on the 9th. Not the 8th. The CMBE is on the 8th. I can’t keep track of myself these days. 🙂

Well the travel schedule is starting to firm up, and it looks like it’ll be a fun summer.

Before we get to the IN PERSON stuff, reminders about a few VIRTUAL events this month (the last of a dying breed):

June 8, 2021–Another super secret show–California MBA legal issues presentation. Would love to invite you. But I can’t. But if you’re a member–enjoy the fun.

June 9, 2021–The final of our INCREDIBLE masterclass series will take place. Heavily focused on REVOCATION issues, we will also show an example of how NOT to obtain a lead–i.e. with confusing “bait and switch” style consent forms that some VERY BIG companies are using right now. Yep, I’m calling people out–and you’ll want to see whose name gets put on the NAUGHTY list. Register here.

June 9, 2021 (also)– The second of our AWESOME ACC presentations. This time I’m teaming up with Alan Friel and Glenn Brown–I generally don’t like being on an all male panel, but its how it stacked up this time–to cover critical data and privacy issues. Register here.

June 30, 2021–The Big CAME (Class Action and Money Ethics) Conference presentation with Peggy Daley and Karen Riebel, where we’ll be drilling in the data oilfields. Register here. 

And now on to the fun IN PERSON events:

June 14, 2021— I’ll be IN PERSON in Kansas City for the first of the HUGE LeadsCon industry impact events. We’ll be doing trivia and watching the Royals play ball. I might talk about the law too. Who knows. Register here.

June 24, 2021— I’ll be IN PERSON in Austin, Texas keeping it WEIRD. Register here. 

July 22, 23, 2021– PALOOZA. PALOOZA. PALOOZA. VEGAS. Enough said.

August 17, 2021– The HUGE CBA LIVE Event–always so big, so classy, so well attended- in Orlando, Florida. You have to be there if you’re a banker type. Register here. 

September 12-14, 2021– Lead Generation World continues to explode under the deft leadership of Mr. Ferree–who was kind enough to personally invite me to speak at this year’s CONTACT.IO event in Denver, Co. Naturally I accepted. Register here. 

More events will be set soon–and it all leads up to the most spectacular SUMMIT in TCPA history, this December in St. Pete’s. Again, just book this one now.



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