SOME FUN STUFF: New Logo, Experts on Mortgage Podcast taping, MBA Legal Issues Spot, More

I know its hard to keep up with all my comings and goings– I hardly know where I am half the time–so here’s a couple of quick updates.

First, an awesome new logo for the Great Vegas Compliance Palooza is being floated. There may be some tweaks but I think this is pretty close. Credit to Queenie for this classic branding effort.

You have to admit that’s pretty cool.

You folks have to be in Vegas on July 22, 23, 2021 for this thing. Minds will be blown.

Second, I will be presenting at the MBA’s big Legal Issues Conference call in about 30 minutes. This is a super secret session available only to the MBA’s members so, unfortunately, I can’t share dial in info or content. But obviously its going to be awesome and I’m sorry for those of you that are not Mortgage Banker Association members.

Third–and speaking of mortgage–I was just invited to join the MBA’s Experts on Mortgage Podcast, and will be recording my session tonight. Really honored and humbled to be on this thing. I’ll let you know when/if it is available more broadly.

Fourth, my big ACC presentation was originally scheduled for TODAY but it was moved to next week– May 27, 2021. So those of you that are ACC members will have access to that fantastic session (which will include Nilu and Alan F.–and they’re just monsters.)

Fifth, we have another big MASTERCLASS coming up on June 9, 2021–this time focused on revocation. More details soon.

Sixth, I am still on for the cool LeadsCon Industry Impact events next month. For those of you in the middle of our beautiful country this will be a GREAT chance to see the Czar up close and close to home. You can COUNT on me to be in Kansas City, MO on June 14, 2021 and in Memphis, TN on June 17, 2021. 

Seventh, how are you liking these TCPA Today updates I’ve been putting together? Are they good? Bad? Surprisingly little feedback so far. (That’s not like you TCPAWorld.)

Listen and give me feedback. If you think this sucks I’m going to stop doing it. 🙂 

Also, I am pretty close to launching a new advocacy group/thinktank in response to a few things going on out there right now. It will be focused on free speech advocacy, the First Amendment and the need for more objective truth and less baseless opinion in our society. More to come on that.

Pretty amazing that I can do all of this fun stuff thanks to my incredible team that keeps crushing while I keep barnstorming. No one can take over the (TCPA) world on their own–they need the help of talented, eager, hard working believers behind them. I keep winning because they keep winning.

Lots more to come!


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