TCPA.WORLD AFTERDARK: The Great Vegas Compliance Palooza Registration Now OPEN! And Other Stuff…

So much earlier today I teased some BIG news and here it is. YOU can register RIGHT NOW for the Great Vegas Compliance Palooza in Las Vegas July 22, 23, 2021.

Registration page is here:

Get your seats NOW because it will sell out and you WILL be sad you missed it. (Seriously, the odds of them letting me do another one of these will be pretty low if I pull of what I have planned. :):):)) Also let me know what state you’re coming in from so we can get CLE credit lined up for you (CA, WA, Tx Nv, already in the works.)

So to mark the occasion–and the ridiculously bad url–I went ahead and obtained to remind you that .world websites are a thing now. Rather than type you now only need to type, which saves you three letters. Efficiency!

In other news, that super secret show I’m doing for the California Mortgage Banker’s Association tomorrow actually ISN’T as exclusive as I thought and I have secured YOU an invite to watch me chat for 15 minutes about the TCPA live. Tomorrow. Other folks will be discussing CFPB updates, foreclosure moratorium updates, and other useful info for the mortgage-leaning denizens.

That .world thing is growing on me, actually.

Anyway register for the CMBA thing here. (its free)

But back to the Vegas thing for a second, the current registration cost if just $500.00! That is literally less than half of one billable hour for me these days. And you’ll get to hang out with me for two whole days talking about TCPA while other speakers talk about more interesting stuff. Like crisis management. And data breaches. And responding to CIDs. While Vegas things are happening. (You’ll know what I mean when you show up. 🙂

Anyway price goes up soon–I hate those scams, so blame Rob–and get your tix while they’re available and cheap. We’ll be charging $8,500.00 at the door. Probably. Ok fine, that’s unlikely but you never know.




    1. Would love to come, but it conflicts with the TechGC conference in SF on the same dates. Maybe next year if you aren’t banned from Vegas by then…

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