YAY–ITS MASTERCLASS WEEK!–Don’t Miss The Kingmaker and Czarina Breaking Down Revocation

What’s better than summer break to a kid? MASTERCLASSES!

This week we’ll be talking revocation.

Is partial revocation still a thing?

Are contractual revocation clauses still binding? (Wait, were they ever binding?)

How did Facebook impact revocation?

What about the FCC’s new call limits to landlines?

Get all of your questions answered–we are literally doing a 30 minute question and answer session on the tail of this thing–at our huge FINAL Masterclass on express consent on Wednesday, June 9, 2021 at 10 am pacific.

Our Masterclass series has been a huge hit and a real star-studded event with Drips’ CEO AC Evans, loanDepot Counsel Puja Amin and the Archduke anchoring great previous sessions.

Well this session will be just as strong with the Czarina! Pertrina McDaniel and the Kingmaker!! –Capital One’s own Jeremy Gladstone joining to help me break down revocation issues.

Plus, as promised, we’re going to be looking at some naughty practices by some online lead aggregators–my opinion–and calling them out. NO PLAINTIFF’S LAWYERS ALLOWED. (Seriously Ben/Kent can we make sure to exclude the bad guys on this one?)

You won’t want to miss this no-holds barred final Masterclass session.

It has all lead to this.


Oh, and stay tune because later today we’re going to have an insanely important announcement. (And I’ll have another insanely important announcement in a few days.) Big things coming. Love you TCPAWorld and Happy Monday.


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