ANOTHER BIG DAY: New Podcast Interview Drops along with Masterclass AND Big ACC Show

Another day, another awesome double-decker chance to inform and entertain.

The HUGE Masterclass session on revocation is just two hours away. The Czarina, Kingmaker and I are ready to end this outstanding series on express consent with an in-depth discussion of the rules around revocation and handling do not call requests. Obviously if TCPA compliance is important to you this is something you simply cannot miss. And it is entirely free. 10 am pacific folks. Register here.

Then at noon pacific today I’ll be presenting for the ACC on Tracking and Targeting, Mobile, Telemarketing and Other Advanced Privacy Issues – Evolving Obligations and Risks. This is a super in-depth granular dive into the legal, self-regulatory and platform requirements involving use of geolocation, biometrics, tracking and targeting, profiling and auto decision-making, the use of sensitive data, data matching and appending, data sales, telemarketing (including text) in light of TCPA, and email and social media marketing.

Translation: we’re going to nerd out hardcore on all the ticky tack privacy, data and advertising advanced topics many firms are scared to talk about (because they don’t get it) 🙂 Register through the ACC Southern California if you’re a member.

Finally, my big podcast interview with MBA’s Experts on Mortgage podcast is now available. The podcast is expertly anchored by Mike Eshelman of Jornaya fame. Since I know you can’t wait two hours to hear my voice, give this a listen to warm you up.

Chat soon.


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