TCPAWorld After Dark: Plaintiff’s Lawyer Tells Me “I make a nice living on others’ incompetence” and I Just Can’t

My blood is boiling.

I started to help defense lawyers get better at defending TCPA lawsuits. It turned into something so much more, but that’s why I started it.

And yet, I have to hear TCPA class action lawyers bragging about another big win against some other firm:

I think a big problem with less sophisticated defense firms that do consumer defense is they have a lot of files and are used to settling proposed class actions individually. And so they don’t defend them the way they should. And then it’s too late.

-Bad guy

These guys are literally laughing at the defense bar’s continuing to take these cases lightly. After all these years…

I am utterly speechless.

I’ve said it once. I’ve said it a thousand times. TCPA litigation is not for the faint of heart or the green of horn. It is some of the most complex and difficult-to-navigate litigation out there–and the stakes are higher than in virtually any other sort of case.

This is the apex of the legal profession.

There are monsters in these woods.

Act accordingly.


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