BILL TO ADD JAIL TIME TO TCPA GATHERS STEAM!: Bi-Partisan House Bill Introduced to Send Robocallers to Jail

So the TCPA is an unconstitutional mess and now Congress wants to send people to jail for violating it. Cool.

As we reported back in June, a Democratic Senator had proposed a Senate bill that would send folks that willfully violate the TCPA to jail for up to three years. That means people who send COMPLETELY LEGITMATE calls using the same technology the bad guys use to send scam calls might be thrown in jail for a misread of the massive, incredibly vague, shifting and at times incomprehensible patchwork of TCPA jurisprudence.

That makes sense. Or, its the worst possible idea. One or the other.

Either way, just keeps becoming more and more valuable.

In any event, the house bill (HR 4919) maintains the same odious name as the Senate bill–the “Deter Obnoxious, Nefarious, and Outrageous Telephone Calls” Act (shoot me now)–and was introduced by both a Republican and a Democratic house member.

Given the temperature of partisan bickering in this nation (side note, political parties are unconstitutional and ought to be banned) it is remarkable that the two sides can agree upon anything these days. Of course the one thing they can agree on–adding criminal penalties to the impossible-to-comply-with TCPA that doesn’t work to prevent robocalls to begin with–is, well, pretty dumb.

So to recap: there is now bipartisan support in the House for a bill that tracks a Senate version by the same name that will (likely) soon make violating the TCPA a CRIMINAL offense.

People are literally already pleading the fifth in responding to discovery in civil case. This is happening. Its real. Right now.

Hope you’re paying attention.

Unrelated–if you’re not following right now, you should be.



    1. I have a better idea—Instead of sending these telemarketers to prison, the government should sentence them to a sentence that goes something like this: I sentence you to 3 years in telephone jail–you will be required to provide your phone number to us and we have the right to send telemarketing calls to you which you must answer and interact with. Fail to respond constitutes escaping from jail, at which time you will be incarcerated for the remaining time in a Federal Institution, in a special cell which has telemarketing calls played to you every 10 minutes.

      Now THAT would stop them!

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