AVAILABLE NOV. 1, 2021!: Pricing Set on Use of FCC’s Cool New Reassigned Number Database

As we’ve been socializing for a few months now, the FCC’s beta test for its reassigned number database is a must enroll. 

Well Friday the Commission just announced initial pricing for the use of the fully-operational database when it becomes available November 1. Here’s the rate structure:

As you can tell there are some discounts here for volume and subscription length.

As a reminder, here is how the database works:

  1. Callers will need to know “last good” dates for all numbers they wish to call–this the the date that the caller last reached the consumer on the number;
  2. Callers send the number and the last good date to the Administrator;
  3. The Administrator sends back a “Yes” or “No” indicator–yes meaning the number has been permanently deactivated since the last good date and no meaning it has not been.
  4. Callers must avoid calling “Yes” numbers and, if they do, they receive a safeharbor protecting them from wrong number calls to numbers that were marked “no.”

Always happy to chat this stuff through.

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  1. The reassigned database is terrible. What do you expect from a government agency? First the pricing is ridiculous. The return information is “yes”, “no”, or “no data”. The database won’t tell you if the phone number has been reassigned or disconnected. What about reassigned, disconnected or no data? That information is more helpful. The FCC should make this database free until they work out all the bugs.

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