ALL RIGHT FINE: Here’s a Link to that ATDS Webinar Everyone’s Been Asking Me For

Editor’s note: Link added 10:53 am pacific.

So I’ve been trying to stick to a “if you missed it you missed out” mantra when it comes to my recent webinars. I just don’t think its fair that some people get locked out of attending because folks register to attend but then don’t show up.

To combat that I am requiring people to watch live or miss out on the webinar.

But word has apparently gotten out that I absolutely smashed the Facebook Six Months Later” webinar and provided impossibly valuable insight and critical content–yada yada yada–and now a ton of folks have been asking me for the link.

I love it when you clamor for me TCPAWorld.

But the answer is still no.

Just kidding.

I famously have that soft and yielding heart–“easy mark” as some have said–so I just can’t say no to the faithful.

So here you go, click on the picture to get a link to the webinar–totally free, no barriers, no sign ups. Just click an watch. That’s how I roll. (Oh and you can download the slides too):

But seriously TCPAWorld–from now on if I do a webinar you have to attend live and in person or you won’t get to watch it!



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