Squire Patton Boggs Goes to Las Vegas: We’re Taking Over LeadsCon with Three Can’t Miss Sessions

I’m pretty sure I work at the most powerful firm in the world.

I mean, its tough to quantify that. There’s a bunch of different metrics you can use to assess “power” in various contexts. But when I sit back and I think about the stable of beastly litigators we have here, coupled with the global presence (44 offices- 44), the wide ranging practice areas and the roots in DC where we seem to be dug into everything that goes on out there (and I seem to know everything before it happens), I just can’t think of another firm that has the “getitdoneability” of Squire Patton Boggs.

And then I admire our upcoming invasion of LeadsCon and I just have to smile.

So everyone knows LeadsCon as pretty much the biggest coolest advertising conference out there–with due respect to all the others. Its in Vegas–which gives it instant cool factor. And is focused on online lead generation and performance marketing– which has become one of the coolest segments of the marketing world now that no one watches TV anymore.

Apparently this is after-party life at LeadsCon. I’ll be in bed.

Social media advertising is what matters–you know, subliminally controlling people’s minds while they “connect” with one another–and there’s tons of companies doing just that that’ll be in Vegas next week; making sure that the Brands they service remain the Brands you love.

Unrelated–did you know the Czar has never had a social media account?

My hotel room at 6 a.m. in Vegas.

Anyway, the coolest part of all–from my perspective at least–is that these folks all need a bunch of legal advice. And the firm they turn to more than any other–at least as far as I can tell–is Squire Patton Boggs.

Want proof? Of course you do. You desperately want proof.

Well at LeadsCon 2021–happening next week— we’ll be providing three critical sessions to folks in this space. And I can’t wait.

So 11:40 am on October 21 we’ll be presenting in the big GRAND BALLROOM and it will be awesome. I’ll be moderating a panel including QueenieKevin Rockoff, General Counsel, SmartFinancial and Nima Hakimi, Co-Founder and CEO, Convoso. 

Talk about Firepower! Wow.

But Squire Patton Boggs’ take over of LeadsCon doesn’t end there.

At 9:00 am on October 22, TCPAWorld.com’s Red Knight–Jack Kingston–will be speaking on Effective Advocacy and Lobbying for the Lead Generation Industry. This guy gave an amazing speech at the Palooza, and the folks at LeadsCouncil couldn’t wait to him him back.

And then at 10:00 am on October 22 the powerful Archduke of the Realm joins the stage to discuss Public Relations for the Lead Industry with our buddies Vlada Galan, and George Birnbaum.

One firm.

Three speaking slots.

At the biggest event of the year.

Pretty powerful stuff.

Now I will note that there appears to be another session on the agenda where TCPA will be discussed and–apparently–I’m not on the panel (what gives Yung?). Probably just an oversight. I’ll be sure to swing by the session though. Maybe hand out a hat or two.

Hope to see you all there.


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