YAWN: Its So Quiet….But Here’s a TCPA Top 10 List to Hold You Over

Hi folks

Just wanted to check in to assure you that TCPAWorld isn’t broken. We’re still here but there has been a stunning silence in terms of TCPA decisions this week.

Usually when we hit a slow news week I’ll do a deep dive analysis into this trend or that development, but it has been a busy work week for me so… I’m doing a top 10 post instead. haha.

So here’s a list of the top ten best-read articles of the year so far–in case you missed any of them:

And the number 1 article of the year so far?

No surprise here:

  1. FACEBOOK IS OUT!: The 6 Most Critical Take Aways–and One Most Important Question–Following the Supreme Court’s HUGE TCPA ATDS Ruling Today

If you’re still bored after reading those great articles, consult your therapist. Just kidding. Instead, do something valuable–like re-watching an episode of Unprecedented or two to hold you over until more great TCPA content is available–probably tomorrow.

Also for those of you headed to LeadsCon– the Countess will be making an in person appearance. Top golf!

Chat soon.


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