FRANK SPEECH: MyPillow Caught in Robotext Lawsuit Alleging Consumers Blasted with Texts Merging Pillows and Politics

Editor’s Note: Apparently the guy’s name is Mike Lindell, not Frank Lindell. But either way, Real News.

You know how I always say TCPA.World is the center of the legal universe? Here’s more proof.

MyPillow has apparently–and perhaps unsurprisingly–been looking to profit off of the  outspoken antics of their CEO Frank (Mike?) Lindell. Merging the spectacle of Frank (Mike?)’s political platform with tried-and-true discount techniques, MyPillow has apparently deployed a robo-text campaign designed to enlighten, enrage and encourage robust pillow and linen sales.

If that isn’t the most 2021 sentence of the year, show me one better.

In any event, a consumer down in Florida named Bethany Gaudreau has taken issue with being “bombarded”–her word, not mine–with these texts and has filed a class action lawsuit against MyPillow seeking millions of dollars in damages. Indeed, Bethany has provided a bunch of screen shots to prove her case that MyPillow disregarded her repeated stop requests and hit her with repeated marketing messages:

Eesh. That’s alot. And that’s not even all of them. I jut got tired of cutting and pasting.

I note, however, that the dates are all askew in the Complaint. Not sure if that’s because the texts came from different numbers, or what. (You can read the complaint and try to figure it out for yourself here: MyPillow Complaint.)

Now I find it fascinating that many of these messages also include political messaging. I can’t tell if MyPillow is just trying to use Lindell’s political platform to sell pillows or if they’re trying to convert what would otherwise plainly be marketing messages into political messages for the purposes of avoiding the DNC. Neither would surprise me.

Obviously the buzzsaw of “dual purpose” calling is sitting out there so if MyPillow thought they could “politicize” their way out of marketing violations, that dog ain’t going to hunt. Then again, if they had consent the text messages are likely just fine–if the messages were even sent by MyPillow. I mean the whole robotext campaign could be a false flag operation because…2021.

I should note that I have no idea if the claims in the Complaint have merit. I just find the whole thing bizarre and extraordinary–which is apparently the hallmark of “Real News” these days. So there you go.

MyPillow is represented by:

By /s/ David P. Hartnett
David P. Hartnett
Florida Bar No. 946631
8900 S.W. 107 Avenue
Suite 301
Miami, Florida 33176
Telephone: 305-598-2000
Facsimile: 305-675-6171

Andrew D. Parker (MN Bar No. 195042)*
Ryan P. Malone (MN Bar No. 0395795)*
888 Colwell Building
123 N. Third Street
Minneapolis, MN 55401
Telephone: (612) 355-4100
Facsimile: (612) 355-4101

Plaintiff is represented by Manny Hiraldo.

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  1. I am wondering if Mike Lindell can settle with pillows? Most attorneys are full of fluff. Fluff for fluff seems fair. I’d rather have a pillow than $11.95 as a class action plaintiff. My Pillows pillows are great if you have never bought them. I highly recommend their towels too.

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