SERIOUS ABOUT TCPA COMPLIANCE?: I’ll See you At the Summit Next Month

All right, so this is the last time I’m going to promote this thing on TCPAWorld.

If you’re serious about understanding the law and complying with the TCPA–you’ll be there.

It is the single most important and informative TCPA event of the year. More telecom law information available in one place than at any other event… probably ever.

Its a two day TCPA event, with HOURS of content from me–the Czar of the TCPA–and a bunch of great information from:

In case any of you are wondering, this is the first time Michele, Aaron and I will be presenting together at a single conference and it is a VERY big deal. And Puja and Peggy are fantastic resources who can help bring an in-house compliance perspective that you simply cannot miss if you have a stake in protecting your company from TCPA issues.

So what will be covering? Hmm, let’s see. EVERYTHING TCPA related. That will include:

  • ATDS and prerecorded call developments
  • Consent issues for telemarketing and informational calls
  • The differences between marketing and informational calling
  • Express consent and revocation
  • Vicarious liability issues
  • Personal liability issues
  • The Florida Mini-TCPA
  • Why is everyone is talking about Human Selection Dialing (what is that anyway?)
  • TCPA class action developments
  • Call deliverability issues
  • Call labeling issues
  • The future of Robocall regulation in Congress, the FCC and at the state level
  • Good tips for vendor controls, operationalizing TCPA procedures, and other key in-house and compliance take aways.

We’ll even be holding a TCPAWorld AFTER DARK feature that I can’t talk about just yet but that will be…very special.

For those who have attended the Summit in the past you know we bring tons of fresh content and offer HOURS of Q&A to make sure you get YOUR questions answered. Plus with so much TCPA firepower—I mean, everybody is going to be there—the networking opportunities are priceless.

And, of course, I am known to be very generous with my time (and thoughts) with folks who care to chat about the law during happy hours and breaks.

Like I said, if you’re serious about the TCPA and keeping your institution safe from the very real risks posed by this statute– you will be there.

I really look forward to seeing as many of you out there as possible. This really is my favorite event of the year because of how IMMERSIVE it is. There’s nothing better than spending hours and hours really breaking down the law and seeing what makes it tick with all of my TCPA World friends.

Oh, and did I mention that over 14 hours of CLE credit will be available for the lawyers attending?

Oh, and did I also mention that it’s on the most beautiful beach in the nation?



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