TCPAWORLD After Dark: The Fruit Duck Cometh and Gratitude

By most measures I’m a moderately successful guy.

What’s more, I’ve been able to maintain my success over a relatively lengthy period of time and despite numerous personality deficiencies.


That is due in large part to the amazing team I have behind me. And it is in even larger part due to the incredible friendships I have developed with you, my loyal TCPA.World friends and family.

I sincerely thank you for your wonderful and continued, gracious, and generous support, love, support, kindness, and support.

I’m the Czar because of (and for) you.

I am grateful for you. I am humbled by you. And like all Czars, I am empowered solely by your belief in me. So thank you.

I will continue to work hard every day to be worthy of the faith you place in me and to assure that no one who bets on me ever regrets that decision.

Also here is a picture of a fruit duck I just bought.

Alternate Fruit Duck angle

Happy Thanksgiving.



  1. I think you have to pray for the telemarketing industry. Consumer advocates like me (google Arkow V Bank of America) have tried for years to stop telemarketing calls. Now corporate America for the most part has abandoned telemarketing as inefficient and angering consumers. But now the “industry” has scammers and fraudsters that have made the telephone useless for legitimate communications.

    While I do not agree with many of the clients you have I am encouraged by your comments about the industry finally considering some compliance issues.

    So ask your clients and others to make a new years resolution to strongly consider that activities like cold calling and similar sales practices only hurt the industry. There are numerous other methods to advertise your product or service that are more consumer friendly and save your reputation.

    When I took Dateline NBC undercover into a telemarketing convention the first person I ran into was selling a predictive dialer and he proudly exclaimed “We interrupt a quarter of a million dinners a night” (google Arkow Dateline to see it on youtube!) Nuff said?


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