Is This the FLORIDA FIX We Were Waiting For?!: New Bill Would Mostly Defang Florida’s Mini TCPA–Will It Pass?

So potentially ENORMOUS news out of Florida today.

As you all know the Czar has been working with some folks to try to get a fix to the RIDICULOUSLY worded Florida Mini TCPA. And while I really can’t take credit for this–although I probably deserve some–a new bill was just introduced that would mostly fix the Florida Mini-TCPA and make it somewhat safe to go back into the water.

The BIll– known, for now, as HB1095–would do something remarkably simple to make all of our lives easier: it will change an “or” to an “and.”

Specifically, in the definition of “autodialer” the phrase “automated system for the selection or dialing of telephone numbers” would become “automated system for the selection and dialing of telephone numbers.”

And that would mean that not just Human Selection systems would be safe in Florida anymore–regular old click to dial would also be safe.

Now notably, the new bill still does away with the inquiry and EBR defenses–although you would be able to “return” a call for about 120 days.

All in all this is a huge potential shift in the law and an incredibly important one for callers.

I strongly urge anyone looking to call Florida to have their voices heard in the process and lobby for the passage of HB1095. Give me a call if you want in. Also, PACE, are you guys on this? 

You can read the bill here: HB 1095


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