THE CZAR SPEAKS: I’m About to Take the Stage at LGW—How Will it Go?

This is a really big event here at Lead Generation World. Lots of folks. Big stage.

Looking forward to this presentation. What am I covering you ask?

Well I plan to cover a couple of privacy issues–Squire’s new ranking as one of the top 25 firms in the world in data privacy sort of requires a plug–and I’m hearing quite a bit of discussion about credit data being used in marketing…and that means I need to discuss FCRA a bit.

But mostly I’m going to discuss TCPA (big surprise)–including the huge Mantha case that everyone is talking about.

ESIGN agreements needed for TCPA consent disclosure? Now that’s the end of the (Lead Generation) World and people have a ton of questions. Luckily I’m full of answers.

Plus I’m the only guy at the entire conference afforded a full hour for content on the main stage–so lots of information headed your way.

Look forward to seeing a bunch of you.



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