“ACTIVE PROSPECT SOCKS”: Leads Con Pics, Trade Organization Update, and Other Stuff

So back in the “office” after three days of LeadsCon. That was a lot.

But it was apparently the BIGGEST LeadsCon ever and the best attended. I have no doubt because that place was absolutely packed.

Soo many new friends. And it was great to catch up with all of my existing TCPAWorld pals. Plus Michele and Christine were there–and that’s always fun!

So I promised pics. I realized I didnt really take very many and the ones I took aren’t great. But I stuck the ones I have below. If you have some you want to share send them and I’ll post.

But funniest story of the show.

Rob Seaver–the new executive director of PACE and an all around AWESOME guy who always timely returns phone calls– was on stage talking about Active Prospect and said words to the effect of that he likes the company so much he was even wearing “Active Prospect socks.”

The Active Prospect sucks. I mean socks.

Apparently a Jornaya rep (big AP competitor) was in the room and misheard Rob as having said “Active Prospect sucks” prompting him to give Rob a giant hug after the event and thank him for absolutely nuking their competitor in front of a packed room.

Rob–visibly concerned–asked me to help fix it by clarifying what he’d actually said on my blog. And since Rob asked me to do so in front of Steve Rafferty the CEO of Active Prospect I really couldn’t say no.

So to be clear-Rob did not say Active Prospect sucks, he said Active Prospect socks. 

And lest anyone thinks I’m giving AP undue attention, it must be remembered that midway through my 3 hour presentation on Monday a gentleman stood up and asked me 3 times to repeat the name Jornaya, and then had me spell it from the stage.


In other news, a couple of huge brands have already signed up for my new buyer’s trade organization–which isn’t even really a thing yet. Still discussing it. Received a couple of soft “not sure its a good idea” so far but really a ton of people have said “oh my god yes and finally” or words to that effect. Actually sometimes those exact words. And “there is no one better to do it!”

Very affirming. Have some calls set up this week and next on it. Reach out if you want to discuss. If I do it I will aim to form in the next couple of weeks.

Since this is TCPA potpourri, here’s an email I received today I thought you’d enjoy:

Dear Mr. Troutman,

In your “Definitive List of the Top 10 Most Dangerous Plaintiff’s Shops Out There,” you called Anthony Paronich “the Wolf of TCPAWorld.” This is just so inappropriate. He’s not the “wolf” of anything. Mr. Paronich is the Piranha of TCPAWorld. Given your piscine patronymic, surely you recognize this fact and will perch-ance take the oppor-tuna-ty to make his title o-fish-ial.



Probably the best panel of the conference (other than mine.) Really good stuff from Puja, Kevin and Michele stole the show. Rob was wearing socks. I forget Commio guy’s name but he was great too.


Angela is “one of the best” people I know


Really good content from all presenters

Proof Heath was there

Jason is crushing it.

Now back to work.


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