NO SUPRISE?: The Czar is Better Read than MOST Entire Am Law Firms According to the National Law Review

I find myself staggered by my own impressiveness this morning–and that’s never a good thing. 😉

So everyone knows is special, incredibly well read and an endless fun time.

And while many surely realize–if they ever pause to think about it–that what I do as a blogger is every ounce as extraordinary as what I’ve been able to do as a complex litigator (google officially lists me as an “Author” as opposed to as a “lawyer” these days–see picture below) here is an interesting stat I just learned yesterday that really puts things into perspective.

Google “Troutman TCPA” and this is what you get–I’m an “Author” first, “and Prominent Class Action Defense Lawyer” second, haha

The well-respected and highly-trusted National Law Review confirmed that they publish more TCPAWorld articles than they do for the majority of ENTIRE AM LAW LAW FIRMS!:

“We published approximately 240 articles for you in the last year, that’s more than most Am Law Firms’ total output for the entire firm. “

So says National Law Review’s Managing Director Jennifer Schaller–a really special lady in her own right. (And yes, she told me I could quote her.)

My goodness.

So the Czar pumps out more National Law Review worthy content than most entire AM LAW law firms. How is that even possible?

Czar > Big Law. (Keep that in mind in a week or so.)

What can I say? You’re welcome? hahaha

Love you too TCPAWorld.


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