Humbling stuff…

Today has been really wild and extremely validating so far.

Just thought I’d pause amongst the whirlwind to say thank you again to all of you.

Here are some of the nice words that have been shared:

“I’m just so excited to finally be able to say Eric Troutman is my attorney.”

“I want to be able to say you’re “our” lawyer. The [true retainer] to have the firm on retainer would be well worth it.”

” I’m happy to pay the one-time True Retainer, but I’d be happier to pay $___/mo (likely forever) for the same with the option…”

“Thank you for always keeping me on the cutting edge of what’s going on in TCPA world. Your articles are fantastic. While we may be on opposite sides of the coin here, I always thought you were a cool guy. The way I see it, any TCPA defendant would be crazy not to call you first.”

“Enjoy your success. Brag all you want, because you’ve earned it. Do the right thing, clean up the bad actors when you identify issues, and the world will be a better place.”

” I just wanted to say congrats and all the best for you and the Troutman Firm in the days ahead. I was happy to read today you are still at the helm of the TCPA World blog. It’s insightful, informative and a hell of a lot of giggles for defense bar – and maybe plaintiff’s bar every now and then.”

“I am fortunate to not have needed your services (yet) but still would like to congratulate you on the leap!  You are an amazing asset to our industry (and others)”

“Congratulations, felicitations, and best wishes in the new venture! Looking forward to great things! And don’t forget your friends here at [client] who’ve been proud to have you aboard from day 1.” (Never!)

And my personal favorite:

“I just bought this morning (once you read my email give me the contact info of your web guy (assuming you have one), I’ll have my web guru transfer it over to you. NEVER let this happen, peeps who don’t like you could have a field day with your name. DON’T be mad at me for doing this and yes, I’ll pass it over to you because you are a good guy.”

You’re a jerk Jerry! But I love it. And BTW–everybody likes me. Its part of the Troutman mystique.



      1. I am absolutely certain. I am somebody, and I do not like you. So, not everybody likes you. I suppose it may not be false advertising to say “almost everybody” likes you; but I have no empirical knowledge to validate that statement. I do know this much; every telemarketer loves me; they call me so much. I wish I could get them all to hate me and never ring my telephone again. But, if they stopped calling me, there would not be an excuse for you and I to be conversing. Please, get R.E.A.C.H. up and going.

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