Editor’s note: Yes this is awesome news. Yes, my clients are amazing. Yes, TCPAWorld is going to keep on being an incredible TCPA resource, just as before.

Hi friends

So I’ve taken over the TCPA World and now it is time to spread my influence to the rest of the legal world.

Accordingly–and at the risk of underselling this– I’ll just go ahead and declare this the biggest news in the history of the legal profession.

I am so exceptionally excited to share that as of today I am officially the founder of the Troutman Firm.

*Pauses to acknowledge his second standing ovation of the week*

Thank you. And those of you that actually just stood up to clap in front of your computer screen just earned a 5% discount BTW….

Yeah, its going to be that kind of law firm.

A firm that is a pleasant to do business with. Approachable. Heck, almost fun. No pretense. No hiding behind legalese. With lawyers confident enough in their craft to speak plainly and directly. A new national brand name firm that is accessible and affordable(ish).

Now, I still won’t be the lowest cost provider out there—I am the Czar, after all—but I will deliver my GOLD STANDARD advice for much less than in recent years. And I love the idea of being able to help folks for a fraction of the cost.  In fact, that was my primary motivator in electing to start my own shop—delivering a better VALUE for my clients, to whom I owe everything.

But make no mistake—the Troutman Firm will be built from the ground up and entirely to the Czar’s incredibly high standards. Focused on winning. Efficiently. Directly. Overwhelmingly, if needed. But always as cost effectively as possible. So even while the Firm will strive to drive incredible VALUE—I want my clients asking “Wait, it only cost that little?” as opposed to the opposite—it will be a powerhouse law firm to rival, and eventually eclipse, all others.

Yes, I’m calling a mighty big shot here. And let me say it plainly—my goal is to create the greatest law firm ever devised by man. Period. Nothing less will satisfy me.

A firm loved intensely by clients and feared just as intensely by rivals. And I’ll invest as much as necessary to make that goal a reality.

I know there is a lot of talk about politics in my future, and perhaps the day will come. But for now I am 100% steadfastly focused on helping my clients succeed in their business and litigation objectives. And speaking of my clients– a huge THANK YOU to my clients, every single one of whom has agreed to follow me on this adventure. 100% retention–which is incredibly humbling, and almost amazing if you think about it.

And DON’T WORRY TCPAWorld, is safe and transitioned successfully with me. You can look forward to the same great and timey content you’ve been receiving for years.  But I have even bigger things dreamed up for the blog now that I’m on my own–and an incredible new YOUTUBE CHANNEL that will launch in a couple of weeks. You’re going to have to see this to believe it.

I love every single one of you out there in TCPAWorld. The support you have given me through the years has been remarkable. You sincerely inspire me. And I thank every one of you for your loyalty, commitment, and many acts of kindness and inspiration over the years.

I will always be your Czar, but also your friend and a trusted advisor–worthy of your trust. Loyal, just as you have always been to me.

Looking forward to many great years together.

Oh, and one last thing–I’m totally hiring right now so if you know anyone good in the market let me know.

If you’re interested in retaining the (new) greatest law firm of all time feel free to reach out: Fair warning–the buzz is pretty intense right now and I may not be able to accept all client applicants. Also please expect to pay a “true retainer” as part of the engagement–that’s a sum of money you pay for the privilege of saying you have me “on retainer” and that I am your lawyer. It will NOT be applied to invoices for work performed.




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