OKLAHOMA MINI TCPA PASSES SENATE: Anti-Telemarketing Bill Zooming to Become Law–Effective Date Set

Well folks, Oklahoma’s mini TCPA is just about passed.

As we have been covering for months here on TCPAWorld, the bill–which is a copy cat of the Florida Mini TCPA that is causing havoc on the Sunshine state’s dockets–has speedily leapt hurdle after hurdle on the way to passage. 

Today the bill passed its biggest test yet–earning a stunning unanimous 40-0 passage in the Senate. There were a handful of minor amendments that might require passage in the House. That’s a little murky.

Either way, with a crushing victory in both chambers the bill is almost certain to become law.

Critically, the Senate version has an effective date: November 1, 2022.

Be ready!


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