ANOTHER BIG WEEK: Czar Has Two More HUGE Events This Week–Plus WE’RE HIRING

It really is remarkable how much I seem to get done these days.

So new firm is up and running–first new associate started today, and she’s fantastic! (introductions soon, I promise.) TCPAWorld re-brand has gone great. And now I’m working hard on recruiting more great talent.

But between that and, you know, all the legal work I’m doing for all my great and special clients I am still taking the time to meet the speaking circuit demands.

So tomorrow morning–bright and early–I’ll be addressing the full assembled mass of the Suncoast Bankers Compliance Association Meeting. Which is going to be awesome. I prepared COMPLETELY NEW slides. And these things are really special.

Looks cool right? (I’m finally learning how to use powerpoint.)

Then on Thursday I get to hop on a plane and head out to Chicago, Illinois to hang out with everyone at the TCPA Roundtable at the American Association for Public Opinion Research annual meeting.

Super awesome gathering and I can’t wait for it.

Little known fact–I actually do a ton of work for survey companies and public relations outfits. Traditionally a relatively small piece of my overall client portfolio but this segment has been growing (that whole RoSNG thing really stings outfits that need random samples–know what I mean?)

Also, please spread the word that the Czar is hiring!

The job entails a ton of hard work protecting First Amendment rights in massive multi-billion dollar federal court class litigation. Plus travel to exotic (domestic) places like, Rock City, Sin City, and the Windy City. And, of course, you get to work with (for) the Czar himself. And you’ll even (probably) get a royal court title. How fun! Pretty much the best legal job there is.

Looking for associates and legal staff. Reach out if you’re interested.


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