OKLAHOMA MINI-TCPA PASSES HOUSE: Bill Headed to Governor with November 1, 2022 Effective Date

Well, as predicted, the Oklahoma bill that copies the Florida Mini-TCPA has hustled its way to the finish line. Just today it passed the OK House by a staggering 87-2 vote. (Hats off to the brave two who refused to approve this dreadful expansion of the law.)

Bill can be found here: HB3168 SFLR.PDF

Like the Mini-TCPA, the Oklahoma bill would strip the established business relationship and inquiry defenses from callers. It would extend calling limitations to landlines. It will limit outreach to merely 3 attempts every 24 hours. And, most critically, it would expand the definition of “autodialer” to include any system that uses automation in the selection or dialing of numbers.

Only users of human intervention systems like Safe Select–and other dialing platforms that I know are rushing to market with human intervention systems of their own–will be able to operate in this new environment. Seemingly all others will need express written consent. Including to contact their own customers for marketing purposes.

We’ll see when the governor signs this bill and will advise. November 1, 2022 is the effective date.

Be ready!!


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