TCPAWORLD After Dark: Major Firm Hiring a Content Specialist to Write TCPA (And Other) Blogs and I’m Highly Intrigued

So I have officially disrupted the entire legal world.

Eagle-eyed TCPAWorld reader picked up a curious want ad on LinkedIn today and sent it my way.

Turns out a big law firm is trying to hire someone to blog for them to “enhance the firm’s position” as a top practice group.


Seems to me that if the firm were actually a top practice group they would probably already have some folks available to blog for them and not need to seek specialized help on subject.

Just saying.

Goes to show how competitive the world of legal blogging has become since somebody–*this guy*–went and weaponized it into the most powerful marketing platform the legal industry has ever seen… ( I mean other than the whole Sweet James billboards thing and the “Accidentes” ads on buses and all that.)

Let’s just call this what it is: A big law firm trying to compete with the Czar using some hired guns. Flattering. And kind of funny.

Here’s the job description–I removed the firm’s name–so you can judge for yourself:

Consumer Financial Services Content Specialist to create compelling and distinctive client-facing thought leadership content to enhance the firm’s position as the leading CFS practice in the nation. This position will report to the firm’s Director of Marketing Content as well as the leadership of the CFS Practice Group, and will work directly with the practice group’s attorneys and business development professionals to write and edit a variety of thought leadership content. The Consumer Financial Services Content Specialist may also be called upon to assist with other CFS-related content projects as needed.

I think I might apply.




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