MARKETERS BEWARE– Oklahoma Governor Stitt Signs Oklahoma’s Mini-TCPA (One of the Fiercest in the Nation)Into Law

Well I guess I get to say I told you say. But I wish it wasn’t the case.

Here’s your headline: May 20, 2022 Oklahoma Governor Stitt officially signs the Oklahoma Mini TCPA into law.


The law tracks the Florida Mini TCPA–the toughest anti-robocall bill in the nation– is several critical ways including:

  1. A massive expansion of the autodialer definition to include dialers that use automation to determine the sequence in which numbers are called (human selection time folks) or to dial numbers;
  2. The destruction of the established business relationship and inquiry defenses;
  3. The application of automated call restrictions to landlines
  4. A limitation on outbound calling to 8 pm local time
  5. A limitation on marketing outreach–even with consent–to 3 attempts per 24 hours.

Like the Florida bill, this thing is almost certainly unconstitutional. But we’ll have to wait years to find that out.

I will have a deep dive for you next week. In the meantime you can read more about the bill here:

The bill is effective November 1, 2022.

It is CRITICAL that TCPAWorld keep this in mind.

Happy weekend folks.




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