WAIT!: You CANNOT Go into the Weekend Without Hearing from Anthony Paronich on the Deserve to Win Podcast!

Well folks, its almost here.

The Deserve to Win Podcast (Episode 1) will drop Tuesday(!).

But ahead of the big premier you have to see some of these clips.

As you should all know by know Anthony Paronich–the Wolf of the TCPA and Number 6 on the 2022 TCPAWorld Power Rankings–joined us for our VERY FIRST episode of the new podcast.

And boy this thing does not disappoint.

To whet your appetite for the big VIDEO podcast–which will be a full hour in length!–below are a few interesting snippets to hold you over until Tuesday.

First, here’s Queenie’s priceless reaction to learning Paronich will be joining us on the show:

Cracks me up.

Of course I have a lot of respect for the Wolf–he is tremendously intelligent and always a dangerous adversary. Here are a few of the important tid bits he shared.

First, listen to him tell Defendants to “put your money where your mouth is” and don’t just give him a “sob story”:

Intense right?

And do you want to know what red flags Paronich is looking for in bringing these suits? Check this out:

You definitely do not want to “appetize” the Wolf!

And, of course, I ask him about professional Plaintiffs–who he calls “experienced litigators.” Watch him talk about how IMPORTANT these folks are in his view:

As you can tell we now have an AWESOME YouTube channel up and running with tons of great content–AND SO SO MUCH MORE TO COME.

FOLLOW the channel right now to be among the first to get great new videos as we post them.

In the full podcast–again available Tuesday–you’ll hear me ask Paronich point blank about manufactured lawsuits and you’ll get his take on how callers can DESERVE TO WIN in TCPA cases. Plus the team breaks down Berman(!) the new-look FTC(!) and discusses the lead generation and TCPA worlds more broadly.

Be on the look out for it!


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