CHECK YOUR CALENDAR: A Bunch of Awesome TCPAWorld Engagement is Coming Your Way Soon!

So we just dropped our first episode of the Deserve to Win Podcast this week and everyone is talking about it. Glad you folks like it. We put a lot of work into it, as you can tell.

Well we have a ton more fun stuff coming your way.

First, next Wednesday I’ll be joining Caller ID Reputation‘s spunky COO April Sullivan at the World’s Largest Customer Contact Event!–Customer Contact Week in Las Vegas, NV. We’ll be speaking on June 22, 2022 about call labeling and blocking and what YOU can do to take the power back! Don’t miss it.

TCPAWorld’s Innovator of the Year, Safe Select’s Dan Greenwell

Then on June 28, 2022 we’ll be dropping our INCREDIBLE second episode of the Deserve to Win podcast. This time we’ll be joined by TCPAWorld Innovator of the Year Dan Greenwell, the mind behind Customer Dynamics’ brilliant TCPA-compliance solution SAFE SELECT. You can’t miss this episode when it drops.

Then on June 29, 2022 at 10:00 am pacific I’ll be joining the team at Convoso along with the Anura‘s Rich Kahn–himself quite the innovator–to discuss Lead Fraud and the TCPA. Already a ton of registrants for this. And you obviously do not want to miss out. You’ll hear me hammer the importance of working with good reliable lead suppliers that take compliance seriously and do NOT cut corners (I know a couple of those.)

Click here to register.

And, of course, the BIG BIG BIG one. July 18-19, 2022- the TCPA Compliance Summit in Huntington Beach, CA. I know a ton of you are attending and I cannot wait to share HOURS of content over TWO FULL days with all of you. Plus we’ll do another TCPAWORLD AFTER DARK–and you know how wild that got in Florida!

The whole TCPAWorld team will be there–including the Baroness and Queenie–along with swag bags full of fun Troutman Firm/ gear.

Lots of fun stuff. Please be sure to encourage friends and coworkers to follow TCPAWorld and our YouTube channel and like and share content. I appreciate it!



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