HOPE YOU ENJOY!: The Deserve to Win Podcast (Ep. 1) with THE WOLF of the TCPA–Anthony Paronich–is AVAILABLE NOW!

Well folks I have been teasing this for long enough. Here it is–our first episode of Deserve to Win. 

I think you’re going to love it.

We discuss:

The team includes the Troutman Firm’s FANTASTIC new associate Brittany Andres (the Baroness) as well as renowned  Puja J. Amin (Queenie!). And of course the mysterious PJ, the head of Direct Marketing Wizard and one of the nation’s most effective and compliant call center and direct mail operators. As well as the humble Czar, of course.

The Deserve to Win Podcast Crew

And of course, we are joined by the WOLF of the TCPA himself, Anthony Paronich. Paronich is one of the most feared class action litigators in the TCPAWorld. He is brilliant, relentless and exceptionally strategic. But he is willing to share his thoughts on what companies can do to AVOID being targeted in TCPA suits.

TCPA Class Action Master Anthony Paronich–AKA the Wolf

He even tells our viewers what they can do to DESERVE TO WIN in TCPA suits. You won’t want to miss it.

Enjoy and be sure to LIKE the video, SHARE it on social media and FOLLOW our YouTube Channel. All of this helps the Czar and the Troutman Firm a lot. So thank you!

How funny is this thumbnail BTW?

Oh and since I promised Queenie. Milk or cereal first? (Watch to understand.)

Milk or cereal first?

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  1. First off congrats on the great first episode of your new Deserve to Win podcast!

    Some random observations, comments…
    I’m unable to see your logic specifically regarding the potential 5 year record retention for call centers situation. (Yeah, big government and all that…) Record retention is standard in all businesses – duh – and while you claim it’s like keeping evidence to be hung with (WTH?) The flip-side (which for someone on “the other side of the V” – which I am) is that assuming (uh, oh!) the call center is NOT breaking the law; then it’s a good thing for them – since the TCPA statute of limitations being 4 years; which I’m really shocked you didn’t even mention – oh, but that would have shot down your whole premise so there’s that…

    Come on, Czar, for the ‘good guys’ (where ever they are) it will serve to exonerate them – NOT hang them – if they get hung clearly then they “Deserve to Hang.” If suit is filed 3 years and after the call and you can’t produce any documentation to back up the inevitable “he opted in” claim why are you even in the biz?

    Data storage is not the logistical nightmare of yesteryear so even though (yes Merlin) it will hit the small business man harder than others – it’s called teh cost of doing business (and as one of the good guys you clearly are) it will pay for itselff 10x on te first suit you defend against and win. Oh, yeah its a deductible expense too

    The Wolf of TCPA World was an excellent first guest and look forward to more guests of his caliber. You were right about getting the other side of the V’s perspective and appreciate it. Only thing is now you’ve set a pretty high bar!!

    And Queenie, the whole Milk v Cereal Q????!!!!
    Oh, and yeah I watched (didn’t help) WTH??
    Eric, you’re right it NEEDS CONTEXT…

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