FTSA PARADE: Florida’s Mini-TCPA Continues to Generate a Steady Drumbeat of Litigation–is Oklahoma Next?

Here’s your latest installment of FTSA litigation on parade. As you can see there are a ton of new filings. Every vertical. Mostly text message cases, however.

  1. Wilder – Real estate company, texts, Zermay Law.
  2. Valiente – On-line natural health products, Dapeer Law and Manny.
  3. Cook – Business financing, text, Zermay Law
  4. Hall – Spa business, text, Shamis & Edelsberg
  5. Galarce – On-line retailer of condiments/food, text, Shamis& Edelsberg
  6. Quijada – Athletic shoes, text, Manny and Jibrael Hindi
  7. Espinoza – Workout classes and equipment, text, Shamis & Edelsberg
  8. Quevedo – Electronic equipment/wireless doorbell, text, Manny and Jibrael Hindi
  9. Hentschel – Advocacy group for SSA disability claims, text. Shamis & Edelsberg
  10. Allen – Real estate investment services and ebooks, texts, Shamis & Edeslberg

BIG thank you to Squire’s Paul Besozzi for keeping me (and, therefore, you) up to date on all of these. That guy is an absolute class act. Tremendous lawyer too.

For those of you wondering, the copy cat Oklahoma bill takes effect November 1, 2022 and I’ve heard from at least one plaintiff’s lawyer that their actively seeking bar-licensed professionals in the state to begin a OTSA practice.

Stay tuned…


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