STILL HIRING: FTC Posts ANOTHER Want Ad–Seeking Lawyers to Prosecute Enforcement Actions or Marketing and Privacy Violations

So, as we have been reporting the FTC is back to full strength and is ready to get down to some skull cracking.

Today they posed an add seeking apparently three attorneys. One each for their Division of EnforcementDivision of Marketing Practices, and Division of Privacy and Identity Protection.

They’re beefing up folks. Get ready for a new enforcement paradigm.  (Incidentally the Troutman Firm is still hiring too. Just added another lawyer–he’s starting next week and he is a star–but we need a few more yet. So apply if you’re amazing like the Baroness.)

Here’s the ad so you can judge for yourself:


The positions are located in the Division of EnforcementDivision of Marketing Practices, and Division of Privacy and Identity Protection.

The Division of Enforcement litigates civil contempt and civil penalty actions to enforce federal court injunctions and administrative orders in FTC consumer protection cases; coordinates FTC actions with criminal law enforcement agencies through its Criminal Liaison Unit; develops, reviews, and enforces consumer protection rules; coordinates multi-pronged initiatives to address current consumer protection issues; and administers the BCP’s bankruptcy program.

The Division of Marketing Practices leads the Bureau’s fraud program, filing actions in federal district court against entities perpetrating telemarketing, online, or direct mail frauds such as sham business opportunities, fraudulent investment schemes, and technical support scams. It also focuses on entities that facilitate frauds, such as payment processors, lead generators, and VoIP service providers, and directs the Bureau’s Do Not Call Program. The Division fights fraud that targets or disproportionately affects particular segments of the population, such as lower-income communities, communities of color, older adults, and others.

The Division of Privacy and Identity Protection oversees issues related to consumer privacy, credit reporting, identity theft, and information security. The Division enforces the statutes and rules within its jurisdiction, engages in outreach and policy development, and educates consumers and businesses about emerging privacy, credit reporting, and information security issues, as well as identity theft prevention and assistance. In addition, the Division analyzes the impact of current and potential legislative initiatives in the areas within its purview. BCP enforces consumer protection laws through aggressive litigation in a fast-paced environment. Attorneys get the opportunity to lead cases, and take on primary responsibility for all aspects of the litigation.

As a General Attorney (Trade Regulation), you will:

– Make initial determinations as to whether matters should be investigated.

-Determine legal theories and plans for investigations and litigation and carry them out.

– Recommend whether cases should be closed, resolved informally or through administrative or federal court settlements, or litigated administratively or in federal court.

– Investigate matters, including deceptive acts and practices related to COVID-19, and engage in all aspects of civil litigation, including preparing cases for trial by securing and preparing evidence; conferring with witnesses; deposing witnesses; drafting motions and legal briefs; drafting and responding to discovery requests; participating in pretrial conferences; examining and cross-examining witnesses; trying cases; and negotiating settlements.

– Prepare and prosecute difficult, complex, and important cases.

– Confer with government agencies, public authorities and attorneys, business people and other members of the public, providing them with information on matters of law, Commission procedure and policy.


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