“I Would Hire You Guys in a Minute”: Deserve to Win (Ep. 3) Will be Out Soon– For Now Though, You Can’t Miss Jay Edelson Telling Everyone to Hire the Czar

So earlier today I started releasing some teasers for Deserve to Win Episode 3. Wait until you hear the rest of what the Baroness had to say on Dobbs. 

While the Baroness’ gratitude and powerful take on Dobbs was a standout to me, you just can’t beat this segment of Jay Edelson–probably the single most powerful privacy lawyer on the planet–explaining why he’d hire Troutman Firm “in a minute”:

Thanks Jay. Check is in the mail buddy.

But the overall episode was about privacy litigation–and that includes the impact of Dobbs on data collection practices.

Here are PJ’s thoughts on what Jay had to say about data–like geolocation data and search engine search results-being used to track and control women post-Dobbs. EESH.

We also chatted about Javier at length. Here is your first taste of our breakdown–the Czar (me!) blasting the Ninth Circuit for failing to recognize the importance of the Active Prospect Trusted Form solution:

“If I had argued this to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeal panel…” 

More teasers tomorrow. And the full episode will drop next week–probably in the middle of the Summit!


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