This was very meaningful to me: “If I was at any other firm I’d probably have to silence my opinion…”

About to start posting some teaser videos from Deserve to Win Ep 3 with Jay Edelson, and this one just has to come first.

We talk Dobbs in this Episode. And we don’t pull punches or shy away. But what was MOST remarkable to me was Brittany (the Baroness) THANKING ME out of the gate for the ability to discuss the case openly on a firm-sanctioned channel.

This just blew me away. Meant a lot to me.

I always try to advance people. Give them a voice. Help their careers. Help them develop as people. Empower them.

This was one of those benchmark moments for me where I knew I was doing something right…

More teasers coming. This thing is POWERFUL.


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