MORE GREAT CLIPS: You’ve Asked and You Shall Receive…

Gees folks settle down.

I’ve received a bunch of requests for more clips from the big Deserve to Win podcast (ep. 3) out next week. I know I promised clips yesterday but it has been an INSANELY busy week for me. Apologies for the delay!

So as you know, Episode 3 is all about privacy litigation–and who better to discuss that with than the Boogey Man himself, Jay Edelson.

In particular we discuss the privacy landscape post the huge Dobbs ruling. And most importantly, whether apps are being used to track women–their biological data, their search histories, and their movements–to limit abortion care:

Extraordinarily interesting stuff.

And we also break down Javier in great detail. Here the TCPAWorld team brainstorms some potential solutions for the ruling that held the use of ActiveProspect constitutes wiretapping under California law:

And one of the funnest parts of the interview was Jay peppering me with questions in terms of how I was able to get my blog and podcast off the ground in the restrictive BIGLAW environment. And it is an interesting story. I talk it about it publicly, for the first time, in this clip:

Pretty funny when Jay says “You’re more of a Plaintiff’s attorney.”

All of this and so much more when the full episode drops next week. Be ready!

More clips tomorrow..probably.


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